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Art 2 Work In Progress: Interior/Exterior


Art 2’s newest theme is interior/exterior.  They have really explored this theme and their ideas run the gamut.  They are all so different and I am so proud of them and their work.  They work so hard and many come in with ideas so they are ready to go once they finish practice sheets.

Here are some of the works in progress.

This student did a smaller sample first to figure out how he should color his mango.  We both liked the look of the sketch so much, he tried to replicate it in a larger form, finger prints and all.


This student is big into soccer, so he is doing an open stadium located in Madrid.


I really like his concept of switching up the ball and the court.  This student’s work is improving so much.


I am not quite sure what is happening in the mouth, but it isn’t “mouth parts”.  Today he and I had a discussion about what color the inside of our nostrils are.  He went so far as to use his camera to find out.  I love the way he is using the oil pastels.  He has never used them before.


An “inside”look into someone’s eyes.  And, it is said that they eyes are the doorway to the soul.


I eagerly await the finished artworks.