All is Fair in Art and Grades?


Something that has been on my mind lately is grading and fairness. I don’t mean what grades to give and grading in the least subjective manner. I feel I’ve got that down pretty good. In fact, I believe I am very fair and forgiving in that area.

The area I am talking about is when it comes to late work and what to accept, when to accept, from whom to accept, and ultimately, giving a zero.

I want to be fair and I don’t want to treat one kid different than another. But, it is so hard sometimes. I see some kids working really hard and I want to give them a chance by reminding them to turn something in when I know they worked on it, but forgot to turn it in. But, I see other kids that do nothing, forget to turn something in, and I don’t want to give them even an inch.

I know in my head this isn’t fair and the rules I am supposed to follow when it comes to grades and late work that my district has set forth. But, my heart doesn’t always agree.

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