It Is A Huge Honor


When our football team has a home game or a play-off game, we have a pep rally. At these pep rallies, the football team chooses a teacher to name them Teacher of the Week. This teacher gets to wear a Taylor Duck Football jersey and can stand on the sideline at the game if he so chooses. This week, I was given the honor of being chosen as Teacher of the Week. I must admit, I almost cried when my name was called. (In all honesty, I did cry a little bit later, but thankfully, no one saw.)


I went to my school’s final football game tonight, braving the almost freezing temperatures. I had been planning on going to the playoff game regardless, but having been named ToW, I really had to go–I kind of had no choice.

My boys played hard. Sadly, we didn’t win. I went down to the field after the game. The first player I saw was Ethan. He hugged me so hard. He was crying. We didn’t say any words. None were needed. I think he knew how proud I am of him.

I continued to hug my boys, offering open arms to give them some sense of how much they mean to me. Just seeing my kids have this raw emotion really changes how I see them. I am so proud of student athletes, but tonight even more so of all my senior boys. I don’t know how to describe it. I have a new found respect for them. To have been chosen as the teacher of the week by these fine young men, with them knowing this was most likely their last game, I am truly humbled by my students.

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