Additive Texture Forms


One thing that I love about working with clay is being able to add texture.  There are so many ways to add texture…stamping, carving, texture glazes, and additive texture.  I never had to be told to add more texture to anything I have created in clay.  I am very particular about it.  But, not all my students have it come so naturally.  So, our next project will be all about adding texture.  We will talk about repetition and how it can be used to create texture.  We will talk about what kind of textures there are–smooth (which unfortunately is not allowed on this project), bumpy, spiky, etc.  We will explore different ways of adding the textures; and we will talk what kinds of textures are created by the shapes or forms used.  Two people could use the same form to add, but the way in which they add it will make the over feel of the form different.

Students will create a form from any of the hand-building techniques we have learned and from there, add texture by repeating a shape or form.

This is my piece based on the lesson.  My students who have watched me work on it over the past 2 days have describe it as a sea anemone, a bunch of cereal like fruit loops, and a mop.  They all want to touch it.  It is fabulous to get them talking about it and asking questions.


Link to grading rubric.  This is a new rubric form that I have been working with.  This is the second time I will be working with it.  I am experimenting with different rubrics to find one that works for me and my students.

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