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Gruene Butter


What is Gruene Butter?  (And for those of you not from Texas, it’s pronounced “green”, not “gru-en”.  Gruene Butter is a type of clay I can buy from the clay distributor I use, Armadillo Clay in Austin.  It’s a high-fire stoneware.  I purchased it to use for throwing.

Back story is that I had read a friend’s technical reader for her college classes and saw that she requires her students to buy both low-fire and high-fire clay.  As I read more, I discovered that she has them use the high-fire for throwing.  I emailed her and inquired as to why this is.  She told me that the high-fire is stronger and less porous.  So, that if the pieces are intended to be used hot hot liquids and be washed in the dishwasher, high fire is the way to go.  Learn something new every day.

Well, I tested it out today and let me tell you….I loved it!!!  It was sooooo nice to throw with!   It was easy to manipulate.  It was smooth.  It was awesome.  I think my kids are going to love it. Image