Displaying the (He)ART of Students


Taylor High School Visual Arts Department proudly presents the inaugural Art Show.  March 28, 2014 at 7pm the doors opened and the show began.  That morning I arrived at school at my normal time of 8am.  Then the madness began.  I gathered up my thoughts and set up camp in the front of the school outside the main office.  Students came to help at various points in the day, and several students “skipped” their classes and helped all day.  And, for that I am grateful.  They gladly hung work and dealt with me and my blabbering and my orders and my annoyances and all the rest.

As walls became filled, we covered the work with red, green, and black paper to cover it from prying eyes.  Flyers were hung, hopefully enticing students and teachers to come back tonight to fill their curiosity about what was behind the paper.



At 6:45 I was ordered by my students to go and change.  They knew I needed a break, and they were anxious to see me in a dress.  When I came back, people were starting to arrive.  It was a beautiful site.  Image



I was glad to see the QR codes that showcased the Senior Artists were being utilized.




The culinary department made some wonderful treats and decorations.ImageImage

The show lasted about an hour and a half or so.  By the end I was so overwhelm by the support I felt.  I felt support from the students, from the teachers, from my administrative staff, my principals, and most importantly, the community.  It felt really good and to know that what my students create is supported by all these people.  A parent told me in both English and Spanish that I touched her heart because of the inspiration I give her son.  It almost made me cry.  I am still overwhelmed days later, and it makes my already awesome job that much more worth it.

I have created a youtube video/slideshow of the art show.  It is long–coming in at 31 minutes.  There were over 400 pieces of art submitted to the show and each one is showcased in the slide show.  So, if you have some to spare, take a look.  Slideshow




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