A Snapshot of Some Great Student Work


I have some kids that are just super hard workers. They jump right in and get to creating when posed with a new theme.   I wanted to share some new pieces being made in my room.


Joseph, a senior intermediate ceramics student made this delicious set.


Malinda, art 1, clay medallion to go with her painting for theme of Power


LaRunn, a transfer student who just 3 weeks ago joined my beginning ceramics class, making this piece for our Interaction theme


Marisa made two ducks for her Interaction piece…representing her and her daughter


Another Interaction piece. Cassandra made these cute penguins


Marisa, art 1, created this thoughtful piece for the theme of Power


Casey, art 1, found her Power in the ability to create a life. (Don’t worry, pregnancy is far off her radar.)

Just so proud of these kids.

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